Thursday, August 14, 2008

5 More Days!

It is only 5 more days til we leave. Last night my wonderful husband and I sat down and did laundry and I started packing. I have all of the little boys stuff done. Bryson is real excited. Tomrrrow we will have Brysons Texas Birthday. Pizza and slumber party.. Please pray for me. :) But it is all good...
Chris came home last night and said, " Are you ready?" We are just glad to be able to spend some good uninterupted time as a family together and to see ther rest of the family..

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Countdown

I have been having a countdown for a while but I decided today I would start it officially. This is my countdown to the beach. I have 11 more days until I fly out ( i know it is  a good round number to start the countdown). I am hoping it is not as hot there. It is 100+ here. HOt as HELL.. Maybe hotter... I melt in my air conditioner sucks car. I am hoping it is beautiful and sunny and wonderful while I am in FL... My boys are ready.. I mean I don't think Troupe knows or cares but he will...
I am trying to keep from doing things too early but let me tell you at work I am already in vacation mode... I really am not trying to work... But I guess I have to.
Bryson is ready for his party and see Grandma and he keeps talking about Jordan and Chelsea.
So we hope this vacation lives up to the hype. I am sure it will..
11 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Bryson's upcoming birthday

In 16 days Bryson will be 8. I can hardly believe it. This year as it was on his first birthday we will be in Florida. We are all very excited to go. I love celebrating my kids birthdays. Troupe just had his 1st and it was a blast. They are always big affairs with all the trimmings. This year for Bryson will be a little different. We have 3 "parties" planned. On the 15th we will get together with Texas grandparents, great-grandmas, and Aunts, and have dinner and cake. Then on Saturday we are going to have a couple of his friends over for his 2nd party, a slumber party. Then Tues we are leaving for Florida where we will eventually have his 3rd and final party, The BIG BLOWOUT, at Grandma and Scotts pool. He is so excited.
As a mom it is so fun to have a day (or 3) where you can make your kid feel like  he is the only person in the world...
I am also so glad to be able to just have a few precious days to spend with my 3 boys without work and all of the other grownup crap we have to do.. So get ready Florida, the Mills are coming!!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Beginning

I have always thoguht blogging was kind of silly. Then I started reading them and discovered something. First they are a way for people to keep up with you without actually having to call you. Which sounds impersonal but do you really want to repeat your life story over and over again. I know I don't. Second it is a way for you to put you thoughts out there, good, bad , or ugly with out someone in your face looking at you funny. So I decided to start one. One because I have family that lives in other states and might want to know what is going on with the Mills clan, and second cause I have thoughts that seem to come when my husband is working so I need someone to tell them too. And since I don't always want opinions on my thoughts then why not put them here..

If you are reading this you know me, my story, and my family, so my blog is starting from today on. But I will say I am the wife of Chris Mills, whom I love with all my heart and the mother to two wonderful and fulfilling little boys, Bryson 7 and Troupe 1. BRyson is sweet and thought full and Troupe is wild and amazing.. My family is crazy, outspoken, and wonderful and I love it.

So let the blogging begin....