Thursday, October 15, 2009


This will be a short update. I will have more to come when I get some time. We have had a busy few weeks. About 3 weeks ago after a visit from Grandma Mills (which was great and too short) Chris came up sick. Not because of Grandma though. Anyway he was tested for a variety of things and found out he had group C strep and H1N1 ( Swine Flu). Needless to say he was very lonely because me and the boys stayed away. Then last week I was set up for a small procedure and ended up having a more in-depth surgery. That was Thursday. The day before my surgery Bryson came up sick. So after Chris dropped me off at home from surgery he took Bryson to the Dr. They said he had none other than Swine Flu. Crap. So needless to say he was lonely because he was quarantined... Because of all the unintended illness at our house and Chris's unfortunate work schedule. Pap-Pap and Gammaw came to stay and help out. They were great. They left this Tuesday. What I had planned for was to be out for 2 days for my surgery but I am just getting back to work a week later. Luckily I have a very understanding boss. Anyway today, a week from the day I had surgery Troupe went into the OR. He had his tubes replaced. One had poked a hole in his eardrum, which they assure us will heal. They did the sedated hearing test and he can HEAR. Thank God. Poor Chris left his 7pm - 7am shift, came home to pick us up, then came up to the hospital for Troupe. He was exhausted. I had to come to work immediately after his surgery so he is home with Noni...

So needless to say it has been a rough few weeks. I wanted to say thank you for all the prayers and all the helping hands. Hopefully the rest of this month will be uneventful. Next week is Chris's birthday and we will be happy to celebrate not only him but our good health. More fun updates coming soon.

Friday, August 21, 2009

More from Bryson's Birthday!

Like I said before we went to Schlitterbahn on Tuesday. We had a lot of fun. It was busy but the weather was overcast and the water was cool so it was an overall good day. Chris and I took Bryson and his friend Dalton. Troupe stayed back. Here are a couple of pictures.

On his actual birthday, which was yesterday we went to Noni and Pop's and opened presents.

After that we went to Chuy's with Noni and Pop and Jee. It was really good. We embarrassed Bryson good. They sang happy birthday and got him good. He went home with Jee to spend the night and apparently his phone is a big hit. Love you Bry.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

So this is what a 9 year old looks like!!!

Today is Bryson's 9th birthday. We started out the week at
schlitterbahn which Bryson said was the best day of his life and today
we are headed to Bryson's choice, Chuy's. We are going with noni, pop,
and Jee. Tonight he is going to spend the night with Jee and play with
her tomorrow. More pics to come.

PS. For those who are saying what the heck is CHuys. It is pure
deliciousness. And you are missing out. :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Countdown to Bryson's 9th Birthday

First before I start this blog about Bryson I wanted to just brag for a minute. Chris's back is hurt, not what I am bragging about, so he went to the Dr. today and got a bunch of meds for it. He took them and went to bed. All Troupe has wanted to do it get in bed with him. So being the good mom I am I let him. Bryson is playing so I am enjoying a quiet night on the couch. Which is why I can type this. Don't be jealous mom's of young ones. Just a perk of you husbands misfortune. Get better babe...

But I digress......

Yesterday the four of us were in the car and talking about Bryson's upcoming birthday. I told him that 9 years ago I was starting my last 2 weeks of freedom before he was born. Although I didn't know it at the time 14 days from then I would be welcoming a sweet baby boy. Although we joke about losing our freedom it has really been the most exciting and adventurous time of our lives.

Bryson is getting bigger everyday. We look back on pictures and see that chubby baby face and now his pictures look like a growing maturing boy. He no longer has the chubby baby look. He is kind and thoughtful and a ball of fun. He is a great BIG BROTHER and is a helpful son. He loves to be outside and likes playing baseball. He says the funniest things and asks some pretty good questions. I have a co-worker, Lucy, who comes to my office every so often to ask me to entertain her with a funny Bryson story. I have yet to disappoint her.

I am so blessed to have this smart, handsome, caring little oops big boy in my life. I feel like I am getting old. Who says they have a 9 year old. I dunno but I am not looking forward to that part. But what I am looking forward to is seeing what the next 9 years will bring. Surely more stories for Lucy.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rays Fans

This is what Tampa Rays Fans do when they live in Texas.

New Update

OK so I haven't updated it quite a while. But I like reading other people's blogs and finding out the exciting things others do in their lives so I thought that I would update mine. So here goes.

Where to start? Well summer started early. We went to Florida unexpectedly because of the death of Chris's grandmother. Although a sad ocasion we were happy to see family and enjoy the Florida sun, minus the hurricanes. As you may remember last year or trip there was plagued with a hurricane and there was not much sun to be had. Although this time when we went it had been raining for the whole week before when we went there the skies were clear. Driving was a highly anticipated event. We were not sure how Troupe would hold up. He is not one for carseats. But he was wonderful and so was Bryson. The laughed, ate, and slept. Grandma Griffin passed away when we were five hours from Clearwater but when she did we saw a rainbow across the sky and it made us smile.

Also incase you didn't know, Chris is working at Scott and White Hospital. He works on a hospital unit and works nights. We miss him when he is gone at night but we are trying to get used to it. I have been working at the cancer center still but I recently got a new job and will be starting on August 31st. I will be a research coordinator for the Orthopedic department. I am super excited. It has been a long process.

Bryson got done with his baseball season. He has improved so much. Maybe cause his daddy coached him. He got to play on the AllStar team and he won. That was the most excting game. I almost lost my voice. He is about to start Fall ball. This time Chris will not coach, I threatened his life. I hate coaching. It is fun and although I don't know if I am ready for all the time required for baseball my voice is resting for yelling for my ball player. This time kid pitch. I am nervous.

Troupe is being Troupe. Fun, crazy, wild , and sweet. He loves to wrestle with his Bubba and Dadda. He is learning more words. Currently his favorite are No, and Mine. We are thinking of changing his name to Mine. He like his brother is a little fish. He loves the water. When we went to Florida he was not sure about the ocean but quickly learned how fun it was to fall into the waves. We all are most happy when we are in some kind of sun and water.
Well that is a snippet about us all. More to come but I thought best not to overwhelm you at once. Oh and since the momma never gets her picture taken here in one I took of myself as we were getting ready to go to a Ray/Rangers game here in Texas. Which was hot and miserable. Stay tuned.