Thursday, September 23, 2010


I thought it would be a good time to update. Bryson has been in school for a little over 3 weeks. He is doing great. WHAT a DIFFERENCE a district makes. I am so thankful to Lakewood and Belton. EVERYTHING is different. They have program, things for kids to join, spirit shirt day, bleacher creature, honor choir, room moms, and parties. WOW. A little part of me is sad it had to be so miserable so long. But I am just thankful we have this opportunity.

So far here are some of Bryson's new fun activities:
1. He is a Bleacher Creature- he runs out on the field ahead of the varsity football team at every home game.
2. He tried out and made the Honor Choir- This is a group of kids from each elementary that will practice and then perform at the High School.
3. He is going to be in a 5th grade production.
4. He had a fabulous first progress report.

I could go on and on. I can not say enough how awesome school is going and how much this has changed out lives.

Troupe is a mess. He is growing and frankly getting a little two grown for momma and daddy. He is pretty attached to me lately. He is sleeping in his big boy bed and trying to get potty trained but it is hard. He loves to sing and has picked up a new obsession with the guitar. He is also really getting the hang of football and baseball. We have a lot to look forward to with this one. I can't wait.

Chris and I are doing great. Chris is playing softball again this fall and we are having fun going to games. I am starting to really get a feel what being the only girl in a house of very active boys is going to mean in my life. I love that they are so different. I can tell you after sitting through a million baseball games I am excited for Bryson to take after mom a little this fall and lets do some choir stuff. I know Papa is smiling in heaven. How proud would he be to see the next generation grow up singing. I can't wait.

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